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Topic Committee

Gordon Stables, Chair  (CEDA EC Rep)

Jarrod Atchison  (CEDA At-large Rep)

Mike Davis  (CEDA EC Rep)

Ryan Galloway (CEDA At-large Rep)

Kevin Kuswa  (ADA Rep)

Steve Mancuso  (NDT Rep)

Sue Peterson  (CEDA EC Rep)

Greta Stahl  (CEDA At-large Rep)

Christopher Thomas  (Student Rep)


New member -- term begins in Fall 2009

Dave Arnett  (CEDA At-large Rep)


Controversy Paper Library - Submissions from 2007-2008

 This is a listing of all controversy papers that have been submitted in recent years. These papers may be resbumitted for community consideration and individuals should also feel comfortable updating and revising these papers.  Note that the controversy process began in 2007 and so although we also make prior papers available, the format will look slighlty different starting with the 2007 process.


 2008 Submissions

Arms Control – Greta Stahl


Agricultural Support Research & Reports - Topic Committee Archive

This post compiles all of the documents produced for in the process of writing the 2008-09 agriculture topic by the topic committee and community volunteers. Keep in mind much of this work was done under relatively tight deadlines, so you may find the work as helpful starting points for additional research.

All of the topic work started with this controversy paper

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