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Controversy Paper Library - Submissions from 2007-2008

 This is a listing of all controversy papers that have been submitted in recent years. These papers may be resbumitted for community consideration and individuals should also feel comfortable updating and revising these papers.  Note that the controversy process began in 2007 and so although we also make prior papers available, the format will look slighlty different starting with the 2007 process.


 2008 Submissions

Arms Control – Greta Stahl

Genetic Engineering - Scott Elliott

Health Care - Josh Gonzalez & Liz Wiley

International Institutions - Casey Stevens

Labor Rights – Gordon Stables

Reparations – Andy Ellis

Russia - "US-Russian Bilateral Cooperation” A Preliminary 2008 Topic Evaluation" by Greta Stahl

Russia - "Increasing Bilateral Cooperation with the Russian Federation" by Seth Gannon, Alex Lamballe, Calum Matheson, & Brian Rubaie.

2007 Submissions

Should the United States Increase Restrictions on the Research Development or Use of Genetic Engineering or Nanotechnology? by Scott Elliott

United States Weapons Posture and Arsenal by Greta Stahl

Democracy Promotion‘(‘Bad Allies’) by Gordon Stables

Military Reforms by Joe Patrice

Genocide by Kelly Young


Previous Papers

Education Reform - Roberta & Duane Hyland - Paper submitted to the High School Topic Process.