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Agricultural Support Research & Reports - Topic Committee Archive

This post compiles all of the documents produced for in the process of writing the 2008-09 agriculture topic by the topic committee and community volunteers. Keep in mind much of this work was done under relatively tight deadlines, so you may find the work as helpful starting points for additional research.

All of the topic work started with this controversy paper

  • "Reforming U.S. Agricultural Policy" the 08-09 submitted by the Vanderbilt University Debate Team, specifically Bryan Grayson, Nick Brown, Cameron Norris & Phil Rappmund.

After the agricultural controversy was selected we completed several rounds of specific wording research and analysis. 

Verbs - How much to reduce subsidies?

Types of Subsidies - What types of subsidies?


Which commodities shouldn't be subsidized?


The Status Quo - The Current Farm Bill