You have arrived at the home for all matters pertaining to the consideration and selection of topics for the intercollegiate policy debate community. CEDA (The Cross Examination Debate Association) is the host of this process. A CEDA committee, comprised of CEDA officers, at larger members and representatives from the NDT (National Debate Tournament) and ADA (American Debate Association) work within a procedure mandated by the CEDA constitution to produce topic ballots for community consideration. This process produces the single proposition (or resolution) that guides all intercollegiate policy debate for the competitive season. This site will serve as the host for both resources and discussion both about the topics and the process used to determine these topics.

Link to the Current Wordings

As the topic selection committee discusses various wordings we will be using a google document as a form of virtual blackboard. Anyone may view these wordings, which will automatically updated, at

Research from day 2

Attached are the research reports from each of the working groups as they relate to questions about each of the proposed wordings.


Research from day 1

This list now contains all of the work done based on the end of day 1 assignments.


Wording Papers

 Each of the wording papers are attached. 

Nuclear Weapons Topic - Preparing Wording Papers

CEDA/NDT/ADA Community,

Controversy Ballot

1. Should the United States increase cooperation with Russia?
2. Should the IMF and World Bank be reformed?
3. Should the United States decrease reliance on nuclear weapons?"
4. Should the United States legalize and protect 'taboo' social practices?"

Controversy Paper Library - Submissions from 2007-2008

 This is a listing of all controversy papers that have been submitted in recent years. These papers may be resbumitted for community consideration and individuals should also feel comfortable updating and revising these papers.  Note that the controversy process began in 2007 and so although we also make prior papers available, the format will look slighlty different starting with the 2007 process.

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